Wednesday, 15 April 2015

My Etsy shop is now OPEN!

Hooray! My shop is now open again. I've added some kids birthday cards that are nice and sparkly. I love sorting through my bits and bobs collection to make these!

What do you think?! :D

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Cross Stitch Bird House

I'm having a go at cross stitch! I've already gone horribly wrong a few times, hehe. Following a precise pattern has never been easy for me. Here's my progress. This magazine, Enjoy Cross Stitch, had free floss and lots of pattterns too!

Monday, 23 February 2015

New Greetings Card

Here's my new card design! It's really easy to do.
Get a collection of matching bits and bobs, buttons, beads and sparkly bits.
Draw your number or shape in glue, very sticky hi tack is the best, then pop your bits on top, sprinkle with glitter before the glue dries for extra sparkle.
You could do numbers, hearts, any simple shape!

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

How to make Paper Beads

I really enjoyed making these paper beads. They're so easy!

You will need:
Exciting multicoloured paper, a magazine page works well.
A pencil.
Some glue, PVA is best.
Some ribbon or string to thread on to.

1. Cut out long thin triangles from your paper, the length of the base of the triangle is how wide your bead will be.

2. Roll the triangle, base first, not too tightly around your pencil like in the picture below and stop half way.

3. Spread glue on to the triangle and continue to roll to the tip.

4. Smear the glue all over the bead to seal the bead, remove it from the pencil and there's your first bead!

Make lots of beads and thread them on to your ribbon. Tie the ends and you have a necklace!